Second post full of news and exclusives!

Good day all!

Quite long time since my last post in English. But I’m going to seize the new design of my blog to share some news on what’s new.

First, you will have the exclusive related to my participation in Sant Jordi Book Fair at April 23rd. This book fest have place in Barcelona and I will be presenting the novel Demonios de Marte: La Gran Mentira Mars Demons: The Big Lie. This Sci-Fi book is going to be published by Caligrama which belongs to Penguin Random House Publishers. This will be the final version with one extra chapter, integral text polishing and the new cover you can see first here. So, if you’re visiting Catalonia after Easter, you will find me there schedule yet to be defined.

We are not alone. We never were. We were controlled by an invisible force waiting for its time to resurge.
It’s the first day of 2060, and after the celebrations comes the shouting, the blood and the death. Cielo is returning home fearing she’s going to have the worst birthday ever —and she’s not wrong.
Hayder is fighting to come back to Quilmes after receiving Sabrina’s call —his girlfriend— scared to hell. Something is happening and it’s not good. Lara, an old acquaintance, and her mercenaries will be at his side.
Challenges hide truths. Truths reveal ancestral lies. Lies are payed with people’s life. Do you really want to know it all?

If you love towns in Costa del Sol, let me offer you a story you need to read: Ribera. The novel is a supernatural thriller published last year for the Amazon Writing Contest. The book mixes slashersurvival horrorliterature, and much more, in its pages. You will find yourself running for your life, trying to discover what is happening there.

So, if you’re looking for beacheslovely townsdemons and mysteries, this is your book.

I’ve been in places I never thought they existed. I’ve seen being, aberrations you wouldn’t believe. I’ve passed through experiences that will make you go mad.
Ribera disguises itself as a lovely town full of possibilities. It invites you to be part of its people, its traditions, its festivities… I’d love to say that’s the perfect place. But it isn’t. It’s a torture chamber you cannot escape.If you’re reading me: Don’t come to Ribera. Those who dare to come, they never leave.

Last but not least, The Red Steam Revolution. This young adult novel discovers a steampunk Russia. The first of two books with the interesting context of Russian Revolution. This is a jewel to be discovered. I invite you to visit this new world. It’s is starting and awaits you.

Russia is at war after the imperial family assassination. The Black Army, under Rasputin’s command, yearns for the supremacy in Europe. And they need a coup de théâtre to make it: Anastasia. But, she’s dead!
Yuliya has been abducted by a mechanical monster. Aleksey, her fiancé, embraces the dangerous mission to find her. Ivana will be by his side, hoping to find her sister and redeem herself from a terrible mistake. But that adventure may boost some forbidden feelings.The revolution has just started!

But it’s not only novels. There are several short stories waiting for you in Wattpad and in Los 52 Golpes (like the winner of Wattpad’s steampunk contestEl Reloj). From thrillerSci-FiSteampunk or Cyberpunk they are waiting for you. Further details here.

That's all for today. I hope you can enjoy this post and spread the word. 

See you!



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