A post for my English-speaking friends!

Hi all!

I promised some months ago to start posting in English. And now, you have the first one with you. There’re several of you that follow my paths in Facebook and Twitter, but I could only write a couple tweets in your language. So I’m trying to redeem myself with this new post.

First of all, I want to thank you all for the support you gave me. It’s quite amazing be followed by that diverse group of people. From agents to publishers. And a lot of fellow authors that are in the same road than me. When I read your tweets sharing your articles, books and thoughts, I feel I’m not alone in this marathon.

The second topic I want to write about is: my books. I feel so sorry that I’m not able to publish them in English yet. I have a good English level, but I do not dare to translate a whole manuscript to Shakespeare’s language. I plan to contract a professional translator not so far from now (so I will thank your recommendations).

You probably have a glimpse of who I am. I’m not going to rewrite something you can read in my Author Central Page in Amazon.com, but I want to help you know me better. As Hillary Mantel said: “My problem is never ideas. My problem is time”. I have several ideas for several books. If I had time, I could write (at least) 10 more manuscript (not considering the two pending to deliver for Las Crónicas del León and three more books for my incoming science fiction book). And the ideas does not stop (thankfully). Some are for mystery novels, others for adventure, steampunk,… and the sequel for La Carpeta Negra my opera prima.

My next work to be publish is the book one for my new science fiction trilogy. This one will be delivered interspersed with Las Crónicas del León. Luckily, Las Crónicas is already written, I just need to review it and prepare it for Kindle. In the case of my upcoming novel, I have the first book finished. Now I’m working with the second and when this one be completed, I’ll be prepared to deliver the first manuscript to the world!

I consider this is a good first post in English. From now on, I will post in Spanish and English, so nobody misses my updates.

Best regards.

H.J. Pilgrim


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