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Second post full of news and exclusives!

Good day all!
Quite long time since my last post in English. But I’m going to seize the new design of my blog to share some news on what’s new.
First, you will have the exclusive related to my participation in Sant Jordi Book Fair at April 23rd. This book fest have place in Barcelona and I will be presenting the novel Demonios de Marte: La Gran MentiraMars Demons: The Big Lie. This Sci-Fi book is going to be published by Caligrama—which belongs to Penguin Random House Publishers. This will be the final version—with one extra chapter, integral text polishing and the new cover you can see first here—. So, if you’re visiting Catalonia after Easter, you will find me there —schedule yet to be defined.
We are not alone. We never were. We were controlled by an invisible force waiting for its time to resurge.
It’s the first day of 2060, and after the celebrations comes the shouting, the blood and the death. Cielo is returning home fearing she’s going to have the worst birthday ever —and she’s n…

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